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Sky Go on Xbox 360 won't be free from July 29

Customers will have to pay to use the streaming service on consoles

Sky is in the process of informing Xbox 360 owners that the Sky Go app will no longer be free beginning late next month.

As of July 29, existing customers hoping to access the streaming service on Microsoft's console will be required to upgrade to Sky Go Extra.


Sky told CVG that "various introductory offers" will be available to existing customers. One such offer is reportedly an introductory rate of £2.50 per month for six months and £5 a month thereafter, which is the same price new customers will be required to pay for Sky Go Extra.

A Sky spokesperson said: "Sky Go and Sky Go Extra mean our customers can watch their favourite Sky content on a broad range of devices, wherever they are.

"We will be making some changes to the way in which console users access Sky Go, and we will be writing to any customers who this affects over the coming weeks to update them."

Sky Go Extra customers can access the streaming service on four devices and also have the option to download content for offline viewing. For Multiscreen (formerly Multiroom) customers, this is already included as part of their subscription package.

Sky's decision comes as it prepares to launch Sky Go, which covers over 60 channels, on PS3 and PS4 later this year.

It also follows Microsoft's recent decision to no longer gate entertainment apps behind an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Now TV, which offers on demand access to some of Sky's most popular content including films and sports, will also be expanded to PS4 and Xbox One this summer.


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