Blacklight: Retribution gets PS Plus Starter Pack, exits beta

Free-to-player shooter out of beta testing tomorrow

Free-to-play PS4 shooter Blacklight Retribution will be out of beta on Tuesday, as developer Zombie Studios announces plans to introduce a new 'PS Plus Starter Pack'.

The pack, which will be offered for free to current PS Plus subscribers, includes a Burstfire SMG, Revival Injector, and 250 ZCoins to spend on PlayStation Store.


To retrieve the equipment PS Plus subs just need to equip them via the customization menus, although Zombie is yet to confirm when the content will be released, saying only that it's coming "in the near future".

Now exiting its lengthy beta phase, the first-person shooter will also receive Trophy support, with a current total of 20 Trophies to be introduced this week and more to be added in later updates.

The developer has also noted that "the Zcoin you purchased during the Beta period will be refunded to you as promised".

Stats and other progress made during the beta phase will be retained as the game enters full release status.