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PS4 update 1.72 released, PS3 update 4.60 incoming

Both improve system software stability during the use of some features

Sony has released PS4 update 1.72, while PS3 update 4.60 will roll out imminently.

According to the platform holder, both updates improve system software stability during the use of some features.


Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said this month that a number of highly anticipated PS4 features announced when the console was revealed early last year are still in development, although he couldn't give a timeframe for their release.

One is a resume and suspend feature, which is expected to radically reduce the loading time between players accessing content by keeping the console in a low power state while preserving game sessions.

Additionally, Sony said last February that it plans to use Gaikai to enable players to take control of a friend's game remotely in order to help out during a tricky section.

At E3 this month, Sony announced that Far Cry 4 owners will be able to invite friends to play co-op with them even if their partner does not have a copy of the game. PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan told CVG that the feature is "the first manifestation" of an idea that is "envisaged as a platform level feature".


PS4 update 1.71 'coming soon'

Sony says it "will improve software stability of some features"