Video: GTAV made even more immersive with first-person mod

A talented modder has managed to introduce a first-person perspective in Grand Theft Auto 5, potentially allowing gamers to return to Los Santos and Blaine County through the eyes of its three heroes.

The chances that you'll get to do this yourself are somewhat slim, at least for now. A modder by the name XBLToothPik has managed to introduce the first-person mode using a custom modded Xbox 360. You probably don't have one of those.

But don't be disheartened if you want to try it out - one suspects that the PC version of GTAV, which is due for release this year, will introduce a huge volume of such mods.

Then again, do you really want the best GTA game of all time to be Yet Another First Person Shooter? Take a look at the videos below and judge for yourself.

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