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Grid Autosport review round-up: photo finish

All the verdicts in one place

In our Grid Autosport review we said Codemasters' latest is "one of the outgoing generation's best racers and the kind of game that makes you wish for a new-gen port".

Our review praised the "aggressively competitive AI drivers", the "huge variety of tracks and disciplines" and the the "terrifyingly quick" sense of speed.

Other publications have also delivered their verdicts on the game and we've put together a review round-up. Below you'll find the score each site has awarded the game, along with a short excerpt from the review itself.

  • Digital Spy: 4/5 - While we enjoyed last year's GRID 2 and liked some of its innovative new features, GRID Autosport is definitely the sequel fans have been waiting for. The different racing styles provide a hugely diverse experience that really highlights Codemasters' strengths as one of the best developers of racing games.
  • Eurogamer: 7/10 - Grid Autosport is a fine racing game, though it's never a thoroughbred one. It's the muscle car that was Grid 2 stripped out and retooled for the track, but too often you can see the solder-work at the seams. In 2008, Race Driver: Grid was a partial reinvention of the racing genre, equipped with a handful of fresh ideas. Six years on, Grid Autosport - while a definite return to form for Codemasters - is simply a rediscovery of it.
  • Only SP: 5.5/10 - Did I have some fun with GRID Autosport? Yes. I just struggle to think of who this game is for. It is too hardcore for the casual fans and too casual for the hardcore fans. If you're still sticking with your trusty Xbox 360 and PS3 and you need a simulation racer (and you're bored with Forza or Gran Tourismo), this might be able to hold you over until you decide to make the next-gen leap. Otherwise, you might want to hold off and see what else comes out of the pipe.
  • God Is A Geek: 8/10 - Five styles of driving all done justice with one of the most violent and emergent racing engines available make GRID Autosport a compelling title for both car enthusiasts and petrol heads alike. Even if your interest in cars is merely fleeting, GRID Autosport juggles realism and aggressive satisfaction to deliver an intoxicating mix somewhere between the joy of an arcade racer and the science of a true sim. Excellent.
  • IGN: 8.3 - Grid Autosport promised proper motor racing and that's exactly what it delivers. The spirit of TOCA is finally back.
  • PC Gamer: 86 - No flashy new features or buzzwords, just magnificent racing stemming from a refinement of Grid 1's greatness.
  • Citizen Game: 3/5: In some ways, GRID Autosport is the game that GRID 2 should have been. It's handling is more nicely balanced and it places more emphasis on Codemasters' core skills: creating great racing games. Battling with the AI is great fun and it's here where this studio continues to shine ahead of other racing developers. However, the authenticity of the physics still isn't quite right and the game never quite lives up to the visuals promised in its marketing. If you were disappointed by GRID 2 and you want something closer to the classic TOCA experience, then you should give Autosport a try, but if you're searching for something a little more realistic and closer to the F1 games, you will probably come away disappointed.
  • Inc Gamers: 6/10: Friendlier F1 handling in a Grid 2 wrapper, Grid Autosport is a tour through the Codemasters back catalogue. Single player is hampered by predictable AI, but tuning options and improved cornering elevates the multiplayer above Grid 2's.
  • Next-Gen Gaming Blog: 9/10: GRID Autosport is a racing title that offers the key elements of any racing title, fun and realism. With over 100 routes across 22 locations, GRID Autosport offers a deep and very competitive racing experience. Yes, the visuals are a let down, considering the exclusive of the PS4 and Xbox One, but I very much look forward to Codemasters first foray into the world of next-gen. GRID Autosport is one racing title I very much recommend you get, even on the last-gen consoles. Miss it, and you will miss out on a truly fantastic experience.