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'Dark comedy' shooter Blue Estate hits PS4 - launch trailer

Viktor Kalvachev's comic reworked for an on-rails shooter

Blue Estate is a new dark comedy on-rails shooter for PS4, releasing today via the US PlayStation Store with a launch trailer to mark the occasion.

Blue Estate is described as a "darkly funny rail shooter", and is based on the Eisner Awards-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev.

Close Close

The game uses the PS4's DualShock 4 controller for lightgun-style aiming. When questioned over support of the PS Move motion controller, Kalvachev insisted, "The DualShock is actually a lot more responsive and precise than the Move."


Here's the official synopsis:

The story is about the fall of Tony Luciano - the one and only son of L.A. mob boss Don Luciano, and the rise of Clarence - a dishonorably discharged Navy SEAL looking for a fresh start. Tony starts a war with the Sik Brother gang after Cherry Popz has been kidnapped. The war runs out of control when Eastern European mobsters steal a 1 million$ ransom that was to serve as exchange money for Blue Estate, Tony's father favorite racing horse. Clarence is called on the field to close the case.

The game is available via the US PS Store now for $19.99, while PS Plus subscribers will get a 20 per cent discount. A free playable demo is also available to all.

An Xbox One version, using Kinect for its motion-based aiming system, has been confirmed but a release date is yet to be announced.