Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC released

New co-op mode added to Guerrilla's PS4 shooter

Guerrilla Games has released the Killzone Shadow Fall 'Intercept' expansion via the US PlayStation Store.

The DLC introduces a new online co-op mode that pits a team of up to four human-controlled VSA squad members against waves of AI-controlled Helghast soldiers.

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Charged with going behind enemy lines to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters, players will have different specialisations, from combat focused roles like Assault and Marksman to more supportive ones like Medic and Tactician.

The DLC also comes with four arena maps inspired by locations from the game's campaign. It is available at a standalone price of $9.99, and is free to download to season pass holders.

Guerrilla Games released a new Killzone Shadow Fall patch earlier today, June 24, in preparation for the expansion, along with a list of gameplay fixes and tweaks.