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Batman Arkham Origins 'Complete Edition' listed on Amazon Germany

Claims to feature the main game plus all DLC

A 'Complete Edition' of Batman: Arkham Origins has been listed on Amazon's German site.

According to the listing, the new edition will be released on August 21 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and will contain all previously released DLC.


To date there have been eight DLC packs released for Arkham Origins, including the story packs Cold, Cold Heart (in which Batman has to defeat Mr Freeze) and Initiation (in which a young Bruce Wayne completes his martial arts training).

Also included, should the listing be accurate, will be the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, the Black Mask Challenge Pack, the New Millennium Skins Pack, the Infinite Earth Skins Pack and two Supply Drop packs, each containing new skins and weapons for online multiplayer.

The PS3 version also contained an exclusive Knightfall DLC pack, which is likely to remain PlayStation-exclusive for the purposes of this new pack.

In CVG's Batman Arkham Origins review we said: "Arkham Origins left us wishing the game had followed in the example set by Troy Baker's Joker. Baker's performance follows in the footsteps of previous incarnations, but finds a fresh approach for the icon.

"Instead, it satisfies, but leaves us hoping for the originators to return, be they Kevin Conroy or developer Rocksteady."

CVG has contacted Warner Bros for comment on the validity of Amazon's listing.