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Hyrule Warriors trailer shows Zelda in action

The latest character trailer for Hyrule Warriors has been released, this time focusing on Zelda.

The Hylian princess is one of a number of playable characters in the game, and this new Japanese trailer shows her swordfighting and bow-and-arrow abilities.

Previous trailers have been published by Tecmo Koei showing off Link, Impa and the Fire Rod item.

Twilight Princess fetch quest NPC Agitha will also be playable, as well as a mysterious new character called Lana.

Recently it was reported that the Legend of Zelda themed spin-off of Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series will use the Wii U GamePad for its two-player mode. One player will see the action on the GamePad screen while the other will play normally on the television. Though multiplayer is rare for Zelda, previous Dynasty Warriors games have supported multiplayer modes with split-screen and online play.

The Hyrule Warriors release date has been confirmed as August 14.

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