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Razer reveals Android TV-powered micro console

'Gaming-focused' set-top box to run Google's new 'Android TV' entertainment platform

Gaming hardware maker Razer has revealed a new micro console, which it will develop in conjunction with Google's new Android TV platform.

Google unveiled the Android TV platform at its Google I/O conference on Wednesday. Similarly to Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV and other such entertainment hubs, Android TV will provide a streamlined platform for Google to serve up entertainment, including games, directly to TVs.


TV's with built-in Android TV support will arrive from multiple manufacturers next year, but dedicated set-top devices that deliver Android TV to any TV will also be produced, including Razer's new micro console.

The Razer device, which is yet to be officially named, will run Android TV, delivering all the entertainment content including "movies, music and other apps", but with more of a focus on 'hardcore gaming', said the firm.

Very little about the micro console has been revealed; hardware specs, controller support, release date, pricing and other core details remain undisclosed. The only official image is the render above (via Engadget).

It's worth noting, however, that Google has confirmed users will able to connect to Android TV with other Android devices including smartphones, tablets and watches, which provide numerous remote control options besides dedicated controller support.

During the Google I/O conference, Google demonstrated multiplayer gameplay via Android TV, with one player using a controller to play on the TV while the other played on their tablet device.

Android TV will be officially launched later this year in conjunction with the next major Android update, Android L. Razer's micro console, along with TVs supporting Android TV out of the box, are expected to release in 2015.

You can watch the full Google I/O conference below:

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