Titanfall dev: Returning to single-player 'would feel like a step backwards'

But Respawn wants to 'trigger the feeling' of a campaign, says Zampella

Respawn's Vince Zampella and Steve Fukuda have said that working on a 'straight' single-player campaign in the future would feel like a "step back" for studio, following Titanfall's online-only approach.

Speaking to CVG in a new interview, the studio founder and game director suggested that, specifically for Titanfall, they would prefer to continue the route of crafting cinematic online experiences, rather than offline-only campaigns.


"A single-player campaign? I don't know," Zampella told CVG. "I think we want to hit whatever part of the brain it is that triggers that feeling of a single-player campaign.

"There's nothing wrong with a single-player experience. They should exist and they do exist and I would work on one. But doing one with this feels almost like taking a step backwards."

Director Fukuda shared similar sentiments: "To me it would almost be a step backwards," he said.

"Doing straight up single-player just feels a little bit to me like going back to what you know, going back..."

Although Respawn did experiment with single-player levels during the development of Titanfall, Fukuda said there was eventually a "brain shift" among the team and it was eventually won over by the story-enthused online levels seen in the final game.

Commenting on the game's online campaign, Zampella said he thought the final product worked well, but acknowledged that some players do ignore the story due to the sheer amount of action in the game's online matches.

"As you're playing there are these story moments happening around you and some people take it in, but others miss it because they're focussed on the fight.

"Sometimes it's a problem for single-player games too, but in those you can put up a wall, block the action and then force people to pay attention to the story. In a multiplayer game you don't want to block things off."

Respawn recently announced a free Titanfall update set to introduce new features and game modes.