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Titanfall devs have not decided on next project

Ex-God of War creative director exploring F2P and mobile

Respawn Entertainment has not yet decided on its next project after Titanfall, according to studio co-founder Vince Zampella.

Titanfall was the studio's first game, though much of its staff previously worked together at Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward. In an interview with CVG, Zampella and Titanfall producer Steve Fukuda said the studio has not had much time to think about the future collaborations announced in May.


"We're not ready to announce anything," Zampella said. "Honestly, we don't even know. We've been so buried in fixing and supporting Titanfall that we haven't even moved on to, 'what will our next game be?"

It's tough to say whether Respawn will or stay the same size until it determines the nature of its next project, Zampella said.

The studio recently hired God of War 3 creative director Stig Asmussen as well as several other God of War staffers from SCE Santa Monica Studio. He has confirmed he's not working on Titanfall, and Respawn COO Dusty Welch noted in a CVG interview that "part of his role here is thinking about how the studio can expand and where the growth sectors are in free-to-play and mobile.

"Looking at those possibilities is part of what we do, but right now, we're focused on Titanfall," Welch added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Zampella and Fukuda said that working on a single-player campaign "would feel like a step backwards" for its next project.