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Dead Island Epidemic video shows play, progression

An overview video for Dead Island Epidemic runs down the MOBA's combat systems, characters, and its PvE/PvP modes.

Dead Island Epidemic uses top-down shooter controls in favor of the genre-standard click-to-move scheme, letting players move and aim independently as they line up abilities to take down zombies or opposing players.

The free-to-play title has support for up to twelve players, split into three teams of four. Each team has to battle both the other teams and the hordes of zombies roaming the island in order to be the winner.

Zombies range from standard shambling types to heavily infected creatures and "freakish super bosses", the latter potentially requiring all three teams to co-operate in order to take them down.

A crafting system also features in the game, allowing players to forge their own customised weapon arsenal. According to Deep Silver: "There will be hundreds of weapons, trinkets and items that players can craft, and once crafted, these weapons can continue to be improved to fully suit a player's personality and play style.

Dead Island Epidemic is in closed beta. Registration is open on its official website, though slots are guaranteed for those who pay for early access packs.

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