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Battlefield Hardline beta hits all platforms 'this fall'

Release window confirmed as early PC/PS4 beta comes to a close

A second Battlefield Hardline beta will be released this autumn, Visceral Games VP and GM Steve Papoutsis has confirmed.

Unlike the first beta, which was exclusive to PC and PS4 players, the next beta will be released to "all announced platforms", which will include PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


"If you didn't get a chance to play the Battlefield Hardline beta this time around don't worry, we have your back as we'll be launching another beta this fall on all announced platforms that will showcase more," said Papoutsis, as he confirmed the conclusion of the first beta after a two-week campaign.

Papoutsis promises plenty of surprises from the game to come, including new content that wasn't in the first beta.

"The Battlefield Hardline beta was just a small portion of what is in store," he said.

"We have plenty of new modes in the game that really play off the cop and criminal theme, as well as the return of fan-favorites. The variety in maps is also something that Battlefield fans have never experienced before, from subterranean grow labs to the streets of Miami, complete with all the vibe and flavor that city has to offer."

For those interested, Papoutsis also offered a small hint of what's in store for the game's single-player campaign.

"As many of you know from previous Visceral games, we have a unique way of telling our stories and engrossing players in our worlds, and Hardline will be no different. We are doing some cool new things in how we present the campaign, similar to what you see when watching episodes of your favorite TV shows. It's something different and we're fired up about it. Keep your eyes out for more on this next month," he said.

Battlefield Hardline is scheduled for release on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 21 in North America, October 23 in Europe, and October 24 in the UK.

Publisher EA launched the first Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta to PC and PS4 players on Monday, June 9, just as the E3 expo in Los Angeles got underway.

DICE said earlier in the month that it's considering introducing early access schemes for its future Battlefield games to help ensure more stable product launches.