Bayonetta director teases more Nintendo-themed costumes

Link, Samus and Peach suits may not be the only ones included

The upcoming Wii U port of Bayonetta may have more Nintendo-themed costumes than those already announced.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto (who worked as a producer on the first game) teased that the Link, Samus and Peach costumes already revealed may be accompanied by other outfits.

"It was [Hideki] Kamiya's strong desire to put costumes into the original Bayonetta and they're all from his favourite games of that generation," he explained.

"As far as costumes you haven't seen yet... it's a secret! Please look forward to this."

Elsewhere in our interview, Hashimoto told us why the decision was made to include a Wii U version of the original Bayonetta alongside Bayonetta 2.

"During the development of Bayonetta 2 we had a discussion with Nintendo about how great it would be to offer the ability to play Bayonetta 1 on the same console, which is how it happened," he explained.

"Of course it had to be a perfect port, but on top of that we wanted to add some additional, fun features that we wanted to see such as new costumes.

"We added the new costumes, as well as touch screen controls. We also added support for gyro sensors - I can't really divulge where we use them, but they're in there. As far as the port work is concerned, it's never easy to port to any system, but as we were developing Bayonetta 2 we became very familiar with the features of the Wii U so it worked out OK."

Hashimoto has spoken positively to CVG about the studio's partnership with Nintendo, and expressed a desire to do so again with future instalments "if possible".

Bayonetta 2 was initially unveiled during a Nintendo Direct web broadcast in September 2012, when it was revealed to be a Wii U exclusive.