Video: How No Man's Sky became the talk of E3

Hello Games' No Man's Sky was the game on everyone's lips at E3 2014 and Sony has released a short video documentary about the game's journey.

The video features studio co-founder Sean Murray discussing the history of the studio, its Joe Danger games, the inspiration for No Man's Sky, and the trials and tribulations it faced on the road to E3.

No Man's Sky drops players off at the outskirts of the universe with a mission to journey towards its centre. According to the developers, completing this task requires "intelligence, imagination and co-operation".

Players are set free to explore space in search of new worlds. Stars and planets are created procedurally as they are discovered, with unique environments and complete ecosystems to match them. It's a persistent online world, so once discovered, these locations become available to others. "The act of discovery is also an act of creation," explains the report.

Players will be able to make "significant changes" to locations - changes which will remain in affect for other players who follow.

At E3 2014 Hello Games appeared during Sony press conference and offered glimpses at space battles.

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