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Jade Raymond: Some mobile games 'recycle 40 year-old game design'

Ubisoft exec says mobile is important but flawed

Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond has criticised some aspects of mobile gaming while at the same time stressing its importance to the future of the industry.

Speaking at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Raymond was discussing how wearable technology and virtual reality could shape the future of gaming, Pocket Gamer reports.


According to Raymond, the future of gaming is being ushered in by mobile developers, though the industry still requires a great deal of improvement.

"Mobile has attracted more people to gaming, but there hasn't been such a creative boom," she explained. "What passes for innovation on mobile is the recycling of 40 year old game design, with real world gambling and money stuck on top of it.

"These days though, I'm spending a lot more time on mobile games than I am on consoles. The form factor of mobile games is much more adapted to modern life. It fits our reality.

"Mobile gaming will become more integrated into our way of life as time goes on, and I like to call this transition 'ambient gaming'."

Raymond believes that while mobile games themselves may be creatively lacking, their promotion of ambient gaming may open up the door to other possibilities.

"We've gone from a world of undivided attention, to a world of multi-tasking," she added. "Play has always been a way to practise real world skills, and in order to maximise our time here on earth we're looking to be productive, and turn the mundane into entertainment.

"The world is becoming an even more connected and tightly integrated place. It's normal now to be in constant communication with everyone you know, and I think we can make our real world environment playable."