Video: The worst 17 seconds in Daisy's Mario Kart career

I'm quite competitive when I play games. Not in that obnoxious way where you'll hate playing anything with me, but in that way where I really like games that have scope for you to be really good at them; Street Fighter, Counter-Strike, Smash Bros, Towerfall. Those kind of games.

Personally, I've never been able to enjoy Mario Kart 8 competitively. I know there's people out there who say it can be played on that level, that there's a skill to it that, once grasped, will ensure you come top of the table every time.

These people, I say, wouldn't know a skill-based multiplayer game if it hit them with a one-frame link to the crotch.

Mario Kart is a series that is designed to punish the best players, just so the weaker feel like they have a chance and are having fun or whatever.

Just watch the video below, for example, in a matter of seconds Daisy goes from 1st place to last and has absolutely no way of stopping it from happening.

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