Wildstar dev diary video shows off 'The Strain' DLC

See what's new in this week's upcoming DLC drop

Wildstar players will get their first major content expansion 'The Strain' this week and developer Carbine Studios has released a new dev diary video all about it.

The Strain will introduce players to a viral threat and its newly infected zone of Blighthaven, along with several Strain-themed items such as a hoverboard, house items and armor.

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Blighthaven is a large new zone that includes "Cankertube swamp and the gastrointestinal terrors of the Globellum", according to the developer. An altered version of the Northern Wilds starter zone called Northern Wastes will also be made available for exploration this week.

Players can participate in a tower-defense themed group event called Guardians of the Grove or delve into new boss fights in The Nursery. You will find Strain-themed equipment, housing items, and mounts as you explore these zones and defeat the enemies that inhabit them.

The Strain DLC will be released later this week - no specific date has been announced.

Head over to the original announcement here for another trailer on the expansion and its content.