Xbox One profiles now available on

SmartGlass no longer needed to view new-gen achievements and game clips

Xbox One owners can now view their complete profile on the website.

Until recently, only let players view their Xbox 360 profile, meaning only achievements attained on the last-gen console could be seen. Friends playing Xbox One also had a limited status on the site, meaning players couldn't see what game they were playing.


Since the console's launch Microsoft has been trying to get Xbox One owners to download the Xbox One SmartGlass app on their phone, tablet or Windows 8 PC, telling them this is the only way they can view their Xbox One profile, friends, achievements and game clips.

However, with the rollout of full profiles on, this has now changed and SmartGlass is no longer necessary to view details outside of the console environment.

The new profile also allows players to view clips they've saved from their games - not just the ones they edit and manually upload via Upload Studio, but all clips they record while playing.

As well as the option to view these game clips directly on the site, players can also download the hi-res images they unlock as achievements and challenges and save them to their computer to use as a desktop wallpaper.