Titanfall DLC data hints at potential new game modes

Capture the Titan, Big Brother and more mentioned in game files

The latest Titanfall update has added text and script that allude to potential future game modes.

According to a NeoGAF post, the new data mentions Wingman Last Titan Standing, Marked for Death, Titan Tag and Capture the Titan.


Additionally, there are two modes called Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT) and Big Brother.

Marked for Death is one of the modes introduced in the latest Titanfall patch and is currently available in the rotation, while Wingman Last Titan Standing has been confirmed to be on the way.

The data provides some brief descriptions and key words that may be used to infer the gameplay involved.

Capture the Titan, for example, seems to involve securing a titan and bringing it to your base. Its related text says: "Get your team's Titan to the capture point" and "Don't let enemy Titan reach the capture point". Keywords for the mode include "Guard; secure; hold; steal and intercept".

Big Brother's related text, meanwhile, says "Attack and defend the control panel", with key phrases listed as "the program was stopped; you launched the virus; defend the panel; the virus has been launched; the clock is ticking; a teammate launched the virus and Hack the panel before it finishes".

It must be noted that this may be code that Titanfall studio Respawn has no intention of using but simply hasn't removed. None of the modes found in the data have been officially revealed or even teased by the company.

Respawn's co-founder Vince Zampella and Titanfall producer Steve Fukuda recently said in an interview with CVG that working on a single-player campaign "would feel like a step backwards" for its next project.


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