Xbox messaging 'more consistent' since management change, says Sony exec

PlayStation development boss thinks rival company's "attitude was great" at E3

PlayStation Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has praised Xbox boss Phil Spencer's efforts to steady the ship following a rocky start for Microsoft's latest console.

Following public outcry ahead of Xbox One's release last year, Spencer's predecessor Don Mattrick ditched the console's proposed used game DRM and always online policies, but Microsoft's games division remained in a state of disrepair when he left the company shortly after.


Spencer, who managed Microsoft Studios between 2008 and his appointment as Mattrick's replacement in March 2014, has worked tirelessly to improve the public perception of the Xbox brand over the past year.

It was Spencer who enacted perhaps the biggest Xbox One policy reversal of all when he confirmed plans to sell the console without Kinect for the first time beginning in June 2014, and his efforts haven't gone unnoticed at Sony.

Speaking to Eurogamer about Microsoft's E3 2014 showing, Sony game development boss Yoshida said: "The attitude was great, like from Phil Spencer. I read and listened to his interviews, and he's a reasonably smart guy, compared to some other people who used to say some unbelievable things.

"Personally, I was expecting that at some point in the future they'd unbundle Kinect, but I wasn't expecting it this early.

"My interpretation was the management change had really helped them to reset and re-sync everything. And since then they've been consistent."


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