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DualShock 4 now wirelessly compatible with PS3

Update 4.60 adds Bluetooth support

The PS4's DualShock 4 controller can now be used wirelessly with the PS3.

It was previously possible to connect the new controller to the PS3 with the included USB cable, but it appears that Sony added more preferable wireless support in the recent 4.60 PS3 firmware update.


However, the PS3 will still only recognize the DS4 as a generic controller device, so only basic functionality is enabled, while rumble force and motion control remain unusable. Game support is also patchy, according to Engadget.

To connect a DS4 wirelessly to PS3, users must:

- Go to 'Accessory Settings' on the PS3 system menu
- Select 'Manage Bluetooth Devices'
- 'Register New Device' to begin scanning for a new device
- Press and hold both the Share Button and PS button on the DS4 until the light starts blinking
- The controller will be detected by the PS3 as a 'Wireless controller'
- Select it to complete registration

Sony recently released PS4 update 1.72, which is said to improve system software stability during the use of some features.

Sony has reassured PS4 owners that previously announced and still undelivered PS4 system features - including a suspend and resume feature that is expected to radically reduce the system boot-to-gameplay load times by keeping the console in a low power state and preserving exact game sessions - are still in development.