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New Oculus Rift dev kit begins shipping this month

Over 45,000 pre-orders placed for new version of the virtual reality headset

The latest version of Oculus Rift for developers (DK2) will begin shipping later this month.

"The first batch of official DK2s have left the manufacturing facility and are making their way to our distribution centers now," Oculus VR community manager Andres Hernandez wrote on the company's developer forums.


"We expect to ship roughly 10,000 DK2s from the factory in July, with just over half of the units through distribution centers and on their way to doorsteps before the end of the month. The very first units are expected to reach developers the week of July 14th."

Hernandez said the company is unlikely to be able to fulfil all deliveries on schedule this month after receiving over 45,000 DK2 pre-orders.

"We're slightly behind in manufacturing and there's currently a high chance that some developers with estimated shipping in July may not have their DK2s shipped until August. We have a team in China working on continued ramp of production at our factory, and we'll work our way through the queue as fast as we can."

Oculus VR announced in March that it was to be acquired by Facebook as part of a shock $2 billion deal.

The company is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media, which claims Oculus Rift was only made possible through years of its own research and investment. It alleges that former employee and current Oculus chief technology officer John Carmack stole its property to aid the development of the virtual reality headset. Carmack has publicly derided the claims.


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