Video: See Street Fighter IV Arena in action

Street Fighter IV Arena, a new mobile version of Street Fighter IV, is currently undergoing a closed beta in South Korea.

According to Korean site This Is Game, Street Fighter IV Arena is an Android title that uses similar controls to the iOS version of Street Fighter IV but also includes new features.

The most notable of these is a gacha (capsule machine) style system in which players can buy randomly chosen characters. Different versions of each character can be received, with varying stats. For example, a rare S-level Crimson Viper character will have greater starting stats than a standard C-ranked one.

In free-to-play style, as players win fights they receive currency which can then be used to upgrade their characters, boosting their attacks, increasing their combo meter and so forth.

There is also a Challenge Mode in which players take on other fighters of a specific rank, with bonus points and badges on offer.

Street Fighter IV Arena has only been confirmed for South Korea to date. It is not yet clear whether the game will be released in other regions or is aimed directly at the lucrative South Korean free-to-play market.

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