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Video: Sniper Elite 3 proves Hitler only had one ball

If you read my Sniper Elite 3 review last week, you may have watched the little compilation video I added as part of it.

Made on Xbox One's Upload Studio, it was a small selection of the gory, downright disturbing (and therefore brilliant) moments in the game where you get to see an x-ray view of your enemy's insides exploding when they're hit with your bullet.

Skulls crack open, eyeballs pop, stomachs rupture, knees shatter into pieces... it's like me during a half-hour Xbox Fitness session.


Naturally, given that the most sensitive part of a chap's body is his little chap, many Sniper Elite 3 players will already have tried shooting their enemy in the gonads to see if these are also shown in medical detail.

Sure enough, snipe a Nazi in the clinkers and you'll be treated to a close-up view of said knackers bursting on contact with your bullet as if they were some sort of bizarre balloons filled with mayonnaise and ketchup. (Don't worry, there's a point to this.)

Anyone who pre-ordered the game will also have received Hunt The Grey Wolf, a special DLC mission in which players have to spot and kill Hitler. And Charlie Brooker, oddly.

But what of the myth that Hitler was a uniball? Surely Rebellion didn't go to the detail to ensuring that the Fuhrer was only packing Cheech and not Chong in his undies?

Well, as this video from YouTuber Trislux shows, Rebellion did indeed go to that extra length and ensured that its in-game representation of Adolf is down a lovesphere. Enjoy.

Be warned, this is a tad gory.

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