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Sunset Overdrive video shows off Chaos Squad co-op

Sunset Overdrive's Chaos Squad online mode takes center stage in the latest trailer from Insomniac Games and Microsoft.

The boisterous Xbox One exclusive lets up to eight players team up in special missions using the very same customized characters that they've built up while exploring the single-player campaign. Joining the online world is as simple as climbing into futuristic photo booths scattered across the map.

Once there, teams will vote on which of two missions they want to take on next, choosing whether they want to take higher-difficulty missions or give their team a break with some power-ups.

The higher the team's "chaos" is by the end of the miniature campaign, the more difficult the ultimate "Night Defense" mission becomes, in which the Sunset City defenders and their carefully placed traps must stop waves of monsters from reaching vats of mutagenic Overcharge energy drink.

Players who pushed their Chaos rating higher will be rewarded with extra goods for completing the final mission, including unique weapons they can take back into the single-player campaign.

In our hands-on Sunset Overdrive E3 preview, we said that while the game "feels very irreverent about its lineage, it also feels like more than the sum of its parts."

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