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Killzone: Mercenary update 1.10 improves MP respawning, stomps bugs

Free update available to all now

Guerrilla Games has released a new update for Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita.

The new version 1.10 update brings numerous improvements to multiplayer, including tweaks to the game's "spawn system's selection criteria", particularly in team-based matches.


The update also tackles "several stability issues that the community's highlighted", including the removal of some glitching exploits and other bugs.

Also, those with the recently released 'Botzone' update will get new botnames "as chosen by the winners of our recent competition", explains Guerrilla.

"As always, your feedback's been invaluable in putting this update together, so please continue to post thoughts and comments via the forum," it adds.

The studio says it is still working on a reported grey screen respawn crashing issue. "If you are still experiencing these, we'd be interested in details of the session times, together with who was in the round with you at the time. Video footage of the session would also be invaluable, from those able to capture it," says the studio.

In our Killzone Mercenary review, we called it "a shining showcase of the Vita's power, but also a very short, by-the-numbers first-person shooter."