Rockstar details GTA Online Independence Day weekend events

Sweepstakes, US vs UK stream, in-game discounts and more

Rockstar will be offering bonus GTA$/RP and in-game discounts, as well as hosting a special stream, as part of its Grand Theft Auto Online Independence Day Event Weekend events.


From July 3 until July 6, GTA Online players will be able to accrue double GTA$ and RP when playing in the 'Independence Day Special Event' playlist, which features new Rockstar-created jobs and specific races for the new vehicles introduced earlier this week.

Airstrikes are now 75% cheaper to call in using the in-game phone and Ammu-Nation is offering 25% off ammo for RPGs, grenade launchers and Miniguns. Calling in large vehicles using Pegasus Lifestyle Management is also free for the duration of the event.

Rockstar is also inviting players to send in their best Snapmatic shots for a chance to win one million GTA$ - simply tag a shot with #INDEPENDENCEDAY to enter.

"You're commemorating the Fourth of July this weekend, we want to see those Snapmatic pics showing your love for Old Glory. Whether you're rolling over foreign compact cars in the Liberator monster truck or setting off some fireworks in the yard of your new Paleto Bay abode, share your most creative, amusing or beauteous patriotic snaps for a chance to win GTA$1M and an AMERICA vanity license plate for your in-game vehicle."

On July 3 at 2pm ET, Rockstar will be hosting an America vs. Great Britain Grand Theft Auto Online stream, with the US team represented by YouTuber Lui Calibre, who will be playing alongside Rockstar NYC devs.

The UK team will be represented by our very own GTA V O'Clock Crew, and the whole event will be commentated on by Lazlow and the Rockstar Broadcast studio team.

"We'll be battling through a Crew Head to Head playlist featuring all new Jobs from The Independence Day Special," Rockstar explains. "As always, we'll be streaming the show across the Social Club Events page, the Rockstar Games Twitch channel and our YouTube page."

Finally, Rockstar will be giving away five prize packs in the Independence Day Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes. Each will contain a GTA 4 Aluminum Bat, Patriot Beer cup, GTA 4 foam finger, Statue of Happiness figurine, a GTA 5 Los Santos Lifeguard tee and a Vice City beach ball. Ten runners-up will each receive GTA V tee and stickers. Entries are through the Social Club.


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