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Extreme-G successor Radial-G looks like an Oculus Rift version of F-Zero

Creators currently running a Kickstarter campaign and offering a free demo

Every year we wait for a new F-Zero game to be announced and every year our expectations are thrown back in our face at speeds that, ironically, often break the sound barrier.

We doff our collective cap, then, to Brighton-based indie developer Tammeka Games, who's just launched a Kickstarter for what might end up being a worthy alternative.


Radial-G is a futuristic racing game which may look like a cross between F-Zero and WipEout, but is actually the spiritual successor of insanely fast Nintendo 64 motorcycle game Extreme-G.

Even more interesting is that it's going to be designed with Oculus Rift in mind. While you'll be able to play the game without Rift, anyone with the VR headset can download a free playable demo now to see what it's like looking around the cockpit of one of Radial-G's hovercars.

Tammeka has bold ambitions for Radial-G, promising a minimum of 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Considering it also wants to have 32 racers on-screen at the same time and will be expected to deliver lightning fast racing, that'll be quite the achievement.

Mind you, it does have experience of this sort of thing. The game director and designer, Geoff Cullen, has worked on a number of other racing games in the past including the original Extreme G, MotoGP, Pure, Split/Second and Revolt.

Tammeka is hoping to raise £50,000 on Kickstarter, with stretch goals yet to be announced. A pledge of £10 will get you access to the first main release of the game but no future updates, while an early bird pledge of £15 (then eventually £20) will nab you the game and all future updates.

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