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The Real Games Journalist: How to deal with YouTube trolls

It is a sad, sad day here at CVG as our beloved video chap Gav Murphy leaves us forever.

If you're a regular CVG reader, chances are you're already familiar with Gav's works. He was responsible for our Gamer Gran series of videos, in which Gav's real-life gran gave her opinion on a variety of games from GTA V to Watch Dogs.

Or you may know Gav for his Real Games Journalist videos for CVG, where he insulted Mike Bithell to his face and made the internet livid when he posted a fake preview of Batman: Arkham Knight.

The latter example is particularly apt, because in his last ever video for CVG, Gav explains how to deal with that most irritating of person, the YouTube troll.

The following is a real-life story, and only the name 'LemsipMax' has been changed, to protect the insolent.

Goodnight Gav, you beautiful swine.

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