Evolve alpha test applications being accepted now

Turtle Rock to host limited test in July offering a "taste of 4v1"

Developer Turtle Rock is now accepting applications to participate in an Evolve closed alpha this month.

Community manager Jess Damerst has shared a password (happyhunting) and referral code (JoinTheHunt) which are needed to complete a mandatory survey on the official Evolve alpha website.


Prospective participants will be required to complete the survey, which asks for details on their gaming history and PC setup. Suitable candidates will also need to be living in North America, be running a Windows PC, have a currently active Steam account and "be able to support a large coordinated user test on the game".

The test is said to offer a "taste of 4v1" gameplay, in which four players - the hunters - co-operate to kill a single player-controlled monster, which is also working to eliminate the hunters.

Those allowed into the alpha will be asked not to discuss the contents of demo.

The developer says it "hopes" to have a confirmed participant list by July 5. Sign up here.

A separate Xbox One-exclusive Evolve beta is planned to be hosted at an undisclosed time between now and the game's final launch. No further information on the beta, or what it will contain, has been revealed.

Evolve enjoyed widespread praise after a showing showing at the June E3 Expo. Earlier this week it was announced that the game has been awarded the 'Best of Show' E3 2014 Game Critics Award. Evolve snagged a total of four awards - chosen by a select group of game journalists from over two dozen publications - including Best Console Game, Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer Game.

The Evolve release date is October 21 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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