Live your life in third-person with this brilliant Oculus Rift mod

Wouldn't it be great if life was more like Grand Theft Auto?

Without the killing and the prostitutes and being chased by police and being called by your cousin every five minutes, I mean.

Basically, in a needlessly elaborate way I'm asking what it would be like if you could see your own life played out in a third-person perspective.

In a way, your God of choice is being a bit unfair by only giving us one camera angle to live our live through. I mean, Ridge Racer had two cameras and it came out 20 years ago.

Thankfully, this clever chap has come up with a home-made way of changing this, and adding a third-person viewpoint to your own beautiful head.

The video below explains it in greater detail, but essentially the trick is to join two GoPro cameras together (for the 3D effect), attach them to a robotic pole that moves as you move your head, and stick the whole thing on a backpack so it's looking down on you.

Then, when you pop on the Rift, you get to see what the cameras see, which is you. We could do with the camera being a little lower down because it looks a bit like a Gauntlet style top-down viewpoint but as a concept we love it. We just have the feeling we'd need to bring a bucket with us.

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