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July Xbox One update arriving in 'the coming days'

Update introduces achievements Snap among other features

Xbox One's July update will roll out in 'the coming days', introducing the ability to Snap the Achievements app.

The release window was announced on Major Nelson, where a video outlining the changes was published.

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Announced last month, the update will also introduce a double tap Snap feature, meaning players can Snap and Unsnap within games and applications without returning to the main menu or using voice commands.

According to reports last month, the update will usher in the ability to 'like' Game DVR clips. Options for users in New Zealand, Ireland and Austria to choose between English or German spoken language voice models will also be introduced.

Finally, the update will introduce support for 'Future Digital Bundles and Compilation Discs'.

"We're doing some work now so that publishers will have options for great digital bundle and disc compilation offerings in the future," Major Nelson wrote on his blog.

"As we test this feature, we'll be seeing more flexible combinations of game titles and game content."

The update follows last month's new additions, which included support for external hard drives.