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Video: Sony flaunts DriveClub's hyper-realism on PS4

Evolution Studios' major racing title edges closer to release

Sony has published two new videos, claimed to be rendered in real-time, which flaunt DriveClub's dynamic weather system.

Two fleeting instagram videos showcase extraordinary levels of detail that DriveClub's developers have achieved, though whether this can be replicated on the final console version is a matter for debate.

Sony, and the industry it works in, has a history of publishing trailers with unattainable graphical quality to excite gamers.

Yet, if the footage is genuine in this case, developers at Evolution Studios will have made new strides in visual fidelity.

"Today we've got some new direct feed gameplay clips of the dynamic weather system it in action," reads a new post on the PlayStation Europe blog.

"The clips are all taken from an early demo of the game's realistic and fully customisable weather system, which will be available for DriveClub as a free update for all players shortly after launch."

DriveClub was initially set to be released in 2013 in tandem with the PS4 launch, yet the game was delayed for an extended period.

Following a lengthy delay, Sony recently confirmed the DriveClub release date as October 7 in North America. The racer will be offered as a full-price retail game, in addition to a cut-back DriveClub PS Plus Edition downloadable free of charge to subscribers.

CVG's latest Driveclub preview, which was published in May, labelled the game's delay the right decision. "The metamorphosis of former PS4 launch title DriveClub shows exactly how valuable time can be for game developers," we said. "It's clear that the extra construction time has done a world of good to improve a game that formerly featured many interesting ideas, but seemingly struggled to execute them."


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