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Warframe update 13.7 adds new characters, weapons, trophies

Free-to-play multiplayer brawler gets update on PS4

Digital Extremes will update the PS4 free-to-play multiplayer game Warface with new content today, July 8.

Update 13.7 will add new characters, weapons, armor, PSN trophies and more to the game, as detailed by the game's associate producer Pat Kudirka in a PS Blog post.

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After installing the update, Prime Access will feature Loki Prime, Wyrm Prime, and Bo Prime, available in a single bundle, along with a Prime Accessories pack that features the Daman Prime Sugatra and Summus Prime Sentinel Accessories and a 90-day Credit and Affinity Booster.

Two new trophies are added, "relating to Dark Sectors, one for completing 5 missions for a clan in a contested Dark Sector, and another for earning 100,000 credits in Battle Pay", explains the developer.

You'll also get a new Orokin Void Tier with new challenges. "T4 Keys can be earned in Medium (lv 10-20) and Hard (lv 20+) Interception missions on Round 3 or later; which means as long as you're playing Interception, there's an excellent chance you'll be able to unlock our most difficult Void keys yet," says Kudirka.

New weapons and armor packs include the cosmetic Edo Armor Pack and Yamako Syandana, along with the Serro, Nami Solo, and Pyrana. And a Defaults Color palette offers "a collection of default colors used across every frame we've made so far". Above is a new video on today's new content.

In related news, it was confirmed earlier today that Digital Extremes, the development studio responsible for creating Warframe and co-creating Unreal Tournament, is to be bought by Chinese MMO company Perfect World Entertainment.