XCOM and BioShock Infinite for $20 offer in Humble 2K Bundle

Or pay what you want for BioShock, Darkness 2 and more

The latest Humble Bundle offers a variety of 2K games for any price.

The Humble Bundles allows customers to pay whatever they'd like for the games and choose where there money goes, be it a nominated charity, or the developers of the games, or the Humble Bundle site itself.

XCOM Enemy Unknown won widespread critical acclaim when it shipped in 2012

By paying any amount under $20, customers will receive BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and The Darkness 2. Bids above $7.35 will get those games, plus BioShock 2, Mafia 2 and Spec-Ops: The Line.

Give more than $20 and thrown in is XCOM: Enemy Unknown and BioShock Infinite.

The games are delivered digitally via a product code that is redeemed on Valve's Steam service. Currently, the Humble 2K Bundle has raised more than $1.2 million since it launched this week. The average person has paid $7.35, and Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios is listed as the highest contributor with a $1, 024 bid.

2K has confirmed the Evolve release date as October 21.

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