Suspicions raised as Minecraft event is cancelled after tickets are sold

Conference organiser tells attendees "we are not a scam"

An unofficial Minecraft convention in New York has cancelled just days before it was due to begin, leading to allegations that it was a scam.

MineOrama was set to take place on July 12-13 in New York, but the event's organisers posted messages on its Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday evening informing attendees that it had been cancelled.

Almost immediately following this, a number of ticket holders responded with anger and accusations that the event, which was priced at $150 for a weekend pass, was not legitimate.

"We understand your frustration and we are working tirelessly to appease the situation," the event's organiser Lou Gasco replied.

"We will be having a Q&A session here tomorrow at 2pm. It is very easy to jump into conclusions without knowing facts. We hope we can clarify as much as possible tomorrow at 2pm. We too are mad."

Later, Gasco returned to give a partial explanation for the event's cancellation.

"MineORama was postponed because financing fell through," began a series of tweets.

"We tried everything to recover, but had to postpone. Once we re-plan we will be able to give specific instructions for refunds. When the financing fell through, we had three weeks to make this work. We redesigned the show, but even at barebones, it was over $750,000. Our last ditch effort left us with about a $175,000 shortage. That's what we had to raise in less than three weeks."


"We have about 3,600 tickets sold, and another 2,000 comp tickets. I apologise profusely for the situation. We tried, and our intent was good all along. We tripped three weeks ago. The blame is solely mine.

"I realize that whatever I say does not change the situation. Many are hurt. I am truly sorry. We will do a Twitch to answer more. We are committed to making this right. Our intent was good. Replanning next week, and will keep in touch with the community."

Despite Gasco's explanation, customers continue to post messages to MineOrama's Twitter and Facebook account, accusing Gasco of fraud and stating displeasure that not only does a refund seem difficult to obtain, but the last-minute nature of the cancellation means many will be unable to cancel travel and hotel costs.

Meanwhile, Yogscast member Bebopvox stated in the information of his latest YouTube video that he had contacted Ginnel Davis at Pier 92/94, who confirmed that the event had been cancelled and stated that the venue had never received money for the event.

"Lou never paid payments on the venue since they drew up the contract, so the venue was given away," Davis explained.