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New details on No Man's Sky hint at multiplayer mode

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray has discussed some of the gameplay concepts and mechanics it is building for its ambitious open-world exploration title No Man's Sky.

Speaking in an video interview with GameSpot, Murray indicated that the developers are purposefully avoiding categorising No Man's Sky into traditional genres, as that is primarily defined by the player.

He went on to say that the game is massive in scope, however, this won't be fully realised when initially released, as the studio intends to continue developing the game afterwards.

"We don't want to prescribe what people do. So we're not going to say this is a game about discovering creatures, or killing dinosaurs, or flying a ship, or becoming a fighter, or a pirate or a bounty hunter," said Murray.

"But loads of those things are possible, not everything is possible, and when we ship the game not everything will be possible, but this is a game I think we'll be making for a while".


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Murray also briefly highlighted some of the core gameplay mechanics, in particular the main weapon players will be using and character upgrading.

"[The weapon] you have is kind of like an upgradable multi-tool, which you can upgrade in various different ways depending on how you play. So if you're mining, or attacking, scanning, exploring or whatever. We want that to feel futuristic and reasonable powerful, it kind of defines your character in that RPG way.

"And then your suit can be upgraded to have more armour, or health perhaps, or to survive longer under water or in a toxic environment or whatever. There are things like that the core gamers are used to."

Elsewhere, Murray confirmed that No Man's Sky will feature a central antagonist for the player to contend with, described as a "malevolent force".

Although the what the player is centred around emergent activity and and primarily up to the player to define, No Man's Sky will also feature a contained multiplayer experience in more of the traditional sense, but Murray did not elaborate on what this will entail.

"There is this thing, which I'm not going to talk about now, that is a plan for multiplayer, for people to have a more traditional multiplayer experience within the game. And that's something we'll deal with further down the line that is exciting, but that's not something that's core to the game now."

Watch the full video interview with Murray below: