Twitter is the greatest thing ever for indie developers, says Xbox exec

Chris Charla says the social network helps keep Microsoft under a spotlight

Chris Charla, the Microsoft executive who is shaping the Xbox One indie program, has claimed that Twitter has become "the greatest thing ever" for indie developers because it gives them a voice.

Charla made the statement as part of a talk given at the Develop Conference in Brighton on Tuesday.


During his speech, Charla described "transparency and openness" as "a program goal of ours from the very beginning", adding that "the rise of Twitter has been the greatest thing ever for independent developers" as "it keeps us under a spotlight, and that's where we should be", as quoted by a href="" target="_blank">OXM.

"I'm really happy to be under the hard light of Twitter, even though it can be painful sometimes," Charla stated, adding:

"Being out there, and being able to have a direct relationship with everybody, is essential. We're never going to stop listening."

ID@Xbox is Microsoft's indie development and self-publishing initiative for Xbox One. The program was well recieved yet also attracted criticism from several independent studios for requiring release-date exclusivity or parity.

Since then, a Microsoft spokesperson has suggested that the company may be willing to overlook the clause in some situations.

In December 2013 Microsoft listed the first 30 developers who had signed up for the ID@Xbox programme, including Crytek, Vlambeer and Double Fine. In February, the firm listed a further 65 developers.

The first independently published game to be released on Xbox One as part of the programme, Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, was released in April.