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SHOCK DISCOVERY! Game publicity stunt that's actually good for humanity

Donate blood at QuakeCon, get Evil Within merchandise

It takes a lot these days for a publicity stunt to get our unanimous approval.

Often companies try to be controversial or downright offensive when trying to make people notice their products. That doesn't fly with us.


But today we got an email from Bethesda that made us nod our collective heads sagely and say "yes".

The Evil Within publisher has teamed up with the American Red Cross for a promotional campaign at the upcoming QuakeCon convention that will actually benefit the ill.

During QuakeCon, the Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive on July 18 and 19 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas (the same location as the convention).

If you attend the blood drive, which the Red Cross is calling The Good Within (see what they did there), and donate some of your blood, you'll receive a free The Evil Within chill pack.

Now, we don't even know what a chill pack is (we're assuming it's one of those gel things that you can put over injuries like ice packs). But it's a reward nonetheless so we won't complain.

In fact, it's better than free stuff - it's stuff in exchange for you donating some of your blood to help other people who may need it.

Promoting a game in which gallons of blood is spilled by asking people to donate some of their own? Genius.