Nintendo Direct scheduled for July 11 in Japan

Friday's digital showcase to focus on third-party publisher games for 3DS

Nintendo of Japan has announced a new Nintendo Direct event scheduled to take place on July 11.

Focused on 3DS games from third-party publishers, it will commence this Friday at 8pm Japanese Standard Time (midday UK / 4am PDT / 7am EDT).

Nintendo Directs are often broadcast simultaneously in Japan, Europe and America, but Nintendo has yet to announce plans for any western events.


Nintendo sold 12.24 million 3DS units in its most recent financial year, taking lifetime sales to 43.33 million, while annual software sales came in at 67.89 million units, pushing lifetime sales to 162.92 million.

The company expects to sell 12 million 3DS units worldwide this financial year, with key first-party software releases including October's Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS and November's Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

May 2014's 3DS system update introduced new parental control features, while December 2013's 7.0.0-13 update added Miiverse support and the ability for owners to tie their accounts with Wii U.


3DS system update released

Nintendo says it improves system stability and enhances the user experience