Xbox One exec wants to build on 'positive momentum shift'

Numerous improvements have changed perception, says Eagle, but more must be done

Xbox One has overcome major challenges in the past 12 tumultuous months, according to one of Microsoft's key UK executives, but the team knows more work needs to be done.

Though the next-gen console was mired in controversy during the build-up to its launch, a wholesale transformation of the product (and the people behind it) has led to what Xbox UK marketing boss Harvey Eagle is describing as a "momentum shift".

Microsoft has removed Kinect as a mandatory component of the Xbox One, allowing it to better compete with the PS4 price point

"The change started to happen when Titanall was released in March, it's been a hugely successful title and the start of what I believe to be is the momentum shift," Eagle told CVG.

Enumerating the improvements to Xbox since last year, Eagle mentioned the new Kinectless SKU, the lower price-point for premium models, the enhanced Games with Gold service and the continual firmware updates that introduce new features such as games in snapped columns and enhanced Achievement support.

"It's the cumulative effect of all those things over a period of time that has seen this momentum shift for us," Eagle added.

"There's still work to do to increase sales," he continued. "The momentum shift is something to be encouraged by, but certainly there's more work to be done.

"We do need to see this grow and continue over a period of time. With such a strong line up of games coming out over the next six months, I think that's going to increase momentum."

Targeting 'number one'


Eagle was also keen to insist that Microsoft hasn't lost the taste for continually bettering the Xbox One in the future.

"We won't stop listening and responding. If that means we have to change in the future based on what people are asking for, then we're completely committed to doing that," he said.

Eagle has worked at Microsoft since 2000, joining the corporation as the Xbox advertising manager across Europe, the middle-east and Africa. He has worked for Microsoft through its most prosperous and challenging times, and when asked what he hopes to achieve with Xbox One, the scale of his ambition was made clear.

"I think it's incumbent on those who make console platforms to ultimately grow the market"

"There's a few things I'd like us to achieve. If I take a long-term view, I want Xbox to play a role in bringing more people into gaming. I think it's incumbent on those who make console platforms to ultimately grow the market. Otherwise we're just trading the same customers amongst each other.

"There are other success measures, and market share is certainly a very important one. Microsoft is a very ambitious company, and we want to be number one. We're in this for the long-term and the company is committed to making that happen.

"Another measure is we just want to give people fun and delight our customers. When feedback is positive, obviously we're human and we get a nice warm fuzzy feeling."

Microsoft heads into the holiday period following an E3 press conference that was praised for its focus and vision. The corporation's appointment of Phil Spencer as the head of Xbox has also been applauded, and Eagle appeared pleased to be working for him.

"Phil Spencer has brought a degree of consistency and focus around what the Xbox business needs to get done. We know where we need to get to, what we need to do, and we're completely laser-focused on delivering great games."