PS3, PS4, PS Vita system sales top 100 million, Sony says

PS3 units account for more than 80 million

More than 100 million PS3, PS4, and PS Vita consoles have been sold worldwide, according to Sony.

That figure comes from a promotional video for the PlayStation Official Licensed Product line, which includes everything from console accessories to branded shirts.

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The majority of that figure belongs to PS3: Sony has announced that 80 million PS3 systems had been sold as of November 2013. More than 7 million PS4 systems had been sold as of April 6.

Sony has not released recent figures for sales of PS Vita on its own. Though the handheld system has struggled to attain market relevance, the launch of the slim model and and its accompanying Borderlands 2 bundle in the US prompted sell-out demand.

A survey of European developers released in July found that about 20 percent were working on PS4 games, while 33 percent planned to do so in the future.

The special white PS4 system bundled with Destiny will be released on its own in Europe later this year, Sony has confirmed.