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Destiny beta gives out three download keys

Everyone signed up for the beta will be able to invite two friends

The upcoming Destiny beta will provide registered players with three download codes so they can invite two friends to join them.

Bungie recently made platform selection for the upcoming beta available on its website, allowing players already signed up for the beta to access their account and choose in advance which platform they intend to play it on, DualShockers reports.


A message on the Bungie user account page reads: "Platform selection for the Beta is now available! Each code will grant you 3 download keys, enough to field a full Fireteam on the console of your choosing!"

Regardless of the format chosen, players will not get their download codes until the day the beta begins, which is July 17 on PS4 and PS4, and July 23 for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Players will then be able to log back into their Bungie accounts on that day, where they will be given their download keys.

Bungie also advises players selecting their platform that the option for European PS4 codes currently can't be selected, but assures that the selection will become available before the beta begins on July 17.

The beta will remain open on all formats until July 27 at 11:59 pm PDT, giving PlayStation owners ten days with the game and Xbox owners four days.

Reports also suggest that the beta will include access to planets other than Earth, based on screens purported to show Mars and Venus being posted on Bungie's blog.

The Destiny release date is September 9 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.