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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Sony has invested 'significantly' in Project Morpheus, says CEO

"I just won't be able to sit/stand there in my living room with my sight and hearing effectively disabled.

There is no way on earth that my wife will be able to resist sneaking up and attacking me while I'm that vulnerable." - BadgerOfDoom

I suppose you could say it could cause a Rift in your household

Ken Levine pours cold water over Bioshock Vita hopes

"Sorry, did you say something? I was too busy pouring cold water over my Vita so I can use it as a cress tray because genius game developers won't support it." - Methinks

The Vita's innards don't provide an appropriate environment for cress growth. You must feel like a fool right now.

EA explains decision to omit pools and toddlers in The Sims 4

"But I thought drowing digital versions of your ex girlfriend in a ladderless pool was a core part of the Sims

They best not have removed the ability to burn people to death in rooms full of trash, fireworks and wardrobes or i'm going to be very disappointed." - WHERESMYMONKEY

Don't ever invite me to a party.

Warframe studio Digital Extremes to be acquired by Chinese MMO firm and chicken company

"I bet they are plucking their hairs (or feathers?) out over this one...

This news will certainly ruffle a few feathers...

I know a few chicks who play this game...

I will be clucking mad if they do not support Warframe!...

What does all of this chicken chow mein for the games future?...

I gotta stop now............all this chicken stuff is getting in the way of me cock a doodle doo-ing my work..." - qSPARTANp


Video: Sony flaunts DriveClub's hyper realism on PS4

"Cant wait to get this on my 50 incher" - kyleforrester87

Blimey. I'm happy for you but watch you don't do yourself a mischief.

Tony Hawk dev marks final day as Infinity Ward merger completes

"Neversoft has been kind of like a family dog over the years, so many great early memories but you know deep down should have been put down many years ago when it started s**tting on your bed." - Shaun Murphy

Hmmm, we like the metaphor but ever so slightly harsh there on good old Neversoft.

New details on No Man's Sky hint at multiplayer mode

"This is the space exploration game I always wanted, the freedom to just fly a ship across the galaxy and explore planets seamlessly...Im so excited for this I can't bloody wait!" - FoxMcCloud

Not sure how Nintendo will feel about the main characetr from Star Fox bigging up another studio's game.

Ubisoft CEO says open world games are most natural

"are worlds where you do same repetitive fetch quests every time also more natural??" - kirankara

"If you work for the Royal Mail, yes." - beemoh

A 1st Class response, there.

Alien Isolation pre-order DLC trailer stars original movie cast

"That gave me goosebumps. It literally handed me a pile of unscary story books from the 90's." - MrPirtniw

Somewhere, RL Stine is crying.

Cliff Bleszinski shares new game details in Reddit AMA

"He hasn't made a bad game yet so ill keep my opinion on the game open until we see or hear more about it." - StoneColdMC

"i dunno jazz jackrabit was pretty cack" - Rammsoldat

CVG: Where readers call developers out on games they made 20 years ago.


Donate blood at QuakeCon, get Evil Within merchandise

"Bloody good act, if you ask me." - hi0marc


"It's about bloody time, etcetera etcetera." - paperywhiteboy

F. Repetition, try harder.

"Bloody hell, this is bleedin' needed!" - Jingee

Another F. Repetition of repetition.

"Needle-ess to say I think it'll be in vein, it'll be a bloody miracle if they can draw anything from the cheezits stream of the average Quakecon patron... haemoglobin" - ianson

D. Started strong, dried up at the end.

"I've read about US horror films using the same PR stunt a few years back.
Talk about keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry..." - Stan_Goodspeed

C+. Nice.

"AB+ for effort" - Gorf east


"I don't want to B-Negative but the press are a bunch of leeches and wont print A-Positive story." - squiddly

A-. Very close to perfection. Good work, you turned around a potential disaster.