Homefront The Revolution game director reportedly resigns

Future of Crytek's UK studio and its latest game remain in doubt

Homefront: The Revolution game director Hasit Zala has resigned from his position at Crytek UK, according to multiple Kotaku sources.

Zala also served as franchise director for the company's free-to-play shooter Warface.


The future of Nottingham-based studio Crytek UK and Homefront The Revolution appear to be under serious threat.

Recent reports claim that a significant portion of Crytek UK staff have stopped working after having not been paid in full for multiple months. Former studio development manager Ben Harris also resigned last month.

According to previous reports, Crytek UK employees are said to have only received around a third of their wages following the alleged cancellation of Ryse 2 in March. Others claim to have not been paid at all "in months".

Crytek has remained more or less silent on the exact nature of the situation since late June, when it denied claims that it is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Open-world FPS sequel Homefront The Revolution sees players leading a resistance movement in guerrilla warfare. It takes place in Philadelphia, four years into a brutal military occupation of North America.

CVG's first-look Homefront The Revolution preview said the game is off to a strong start. "What we saw looked technically impressive, as you'd expect, the story is interesting and the promise of hard-hitting guerrilla warfare in an open, living environment is indeed exciting."


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