Evo 2014: Crowd goes wild after dramatic comeback

Justin Wong is an utter legend in the pro fighting game community.

Put it this way, every year during the Evo finals, he leaves his hotel room about an hour earlier to get to the venue on time - the hold-up being dozens of fans stopping him for a chat and asking for autographs.

But life can be cruel sometimes. This fighting game thoroughbred's most famous Evo moment ever is a remarkable loss that has haunted him since 2004.

You've probably seen it dozens of times: Daigo Umehara's moment of Zen-like clarity when faced with Wong's Chun-Li ultra in Street Fighter 3.

You remember that video, right? "Rare footage of Daigo actally angry".

Let's just see it again.

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Still incredible yet unfair on a legend like Wong, which makes his own dramatic comeback this weekend an even more magical moment.

Wong, who competes in numerous games at Evo, hasn't won a trophy since 2010 - a barren spell he managed to end last night with dramatic, last-gasp tactics that earned him the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 championship.

His comeback during the semi-finals, captured in the video below, triggered pandemonium among the crowd. Watch from 12 minutes onwards to witness his amazing finish against Filipino Champ.

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That put Wong in the final against Chris G, which you can also see below. Congrats Wong, well deserved.

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