Nvidia Android console reportedly set for reveal

Unnamed device said to allow PC game streaming

Nvidia is due to announce an Android console with the ability to stream PC games, according to a report.

The BBC claims the company is preparing to reveal the as-yet-unnamed device in the near future.


While the console is expected to be able to run Android games natively using Nvidia's new Tegra K1 chip, it will also reportedly be capable of streaming PC games using the company's Gamestream technology.

The Gamestream functionality was originally designed to allow low-latency streaming of home PC games via Wi-Fi to Nvidia's Shield portable games console.

If the BBC's report is accurate Nvidia will be utilising the same method for its console, theoretically allowing the player to run PC games on their TV much like Steam's 'in-home streaming' feature.

Games industry analyst Ed Barton told the BBC that Nvidia's alleged console may struggle to succeed given the equipment needed for the game streaming functionality.

"I think it's fair to say that Shield sold reasonably poorly," he explained, "and if the new device requires your PC to have a relatively new Nvidia GPU to make use of its abilities, that will really limit its addressable market."

Should the report be true Nvidia will become the latest in a long line of companies to release their own Android-based consoles, joining Ouya, he Gamestick, Amazon Fire TV and Razer's upcoming micro-console.

Google also unveiled the Android TV platform at its Google I/O conference in June. Android TV will provide a streamlined platform for Google to serve up entertainment, including games, directly to TVs.