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Video: Andrew House and Mark Cerny talk PlayStation's past and future

SCE CEO Andrew House and PS4 architect Mark Cerny have recounted their involvement with PlayStation from internally derided side-project to dominant new-gen system in an hour long video interview.

The pair sat down with Develop magazine's Michael French at the Develop Conference in Brighton last week, where French asked them to share their more than 20-year perspective on the PlayStation project.

House said the secret project codenamed PSX "was viewed extremely negatively by a large part of the corporation" in the beginning, though that didn't stop him from volunteering to work on it.

He also noted that the wider development mentality which has attracted indie developers to modern PlayStation platforms was a part of Ken Kutaragi's original vision for the system.

Moving from cartridges to CDs would reduce development costs and "lead to a far wider variety of game team and game development taking place", House said.

Later in the interview, House revealed that negative reaction to Xbox One's DRM and used games policies prompted him to "not shift our message but be a little clearer about it" - he rewrote parts of his E3 2013 presentation the weekend before with this in mind.

The system's direction appears to have paid off so far: PS4 sales topped seven million units as of April, and more than 100 million PS3, PS4, and Vita systems have been sold in total.

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